“We Help David Fight Goliath”

The Parks & Crump Law Firm is founded upon the motto that we help you fight Goliath and win. It’s our guiding philosophy as we handle our cases. In most personal injury cases, there’s a victim who is suffering in some way and facing a personal Goliath – whether it’s a large corporation, a government agency or an insurance company. That’s when Parks & Crump can help you. We will fight for what is right. We will fight for what is fair. We will fight for justice… against your Goliath.

The Extra Mile

The Extra Mile is what separates Parks & Crump from all other law firms in the country. Most firms do not take cases to the extremes like our law firm does. We don’t leave details to chance. We don’t allow injustice to hide in the halls of corporate offices, cold hospital rooms or desolate morgues. That’s because when injustice happens, it affects more than just the victims and their families. Injustice like we’ve seen and corrected affects the entire public… and hurts the entire public. That’s why it’s important to fight for your rights, and it’s sometimes important for the public to know when injustice is happening.

Good trial attorneys know that winning a case can be a long road. That road begins the moment we learn about a case and doesn’t end until the client is satisfied. Other attorneys may not even realize the extra mile exists. We do. We also know it’s the most challenging stretch of a case. However, we commit ourselves to the extra mile. We not only seek it out – we embrace the extra mile. The extra mile is what Parks & Crump is all about… it’s a worn and well known road at Parks & Crump.

At Parks & Crump, going the extra mile can mean calling public attention to incredible injustice or keeping our client’s identity and information completely private and the case quiet. We do whatever we can to help give our clients peace of mind and final justice.

Practice Areas

The Practice Areas of Parks and Crump Law Firm specialize in Wrongful Death, Personal Injury and Automobile Accidents to Civil Rights.

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Our attorneys are well diverse and are here to aid you in your legal needs. Learn more about the attorneys of Parks and Crump.

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Community Commitment

The core mission of Parks & Crump Law Firm is to help people. That is simply what we do and why we take on some of the most difficult cases.

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