Wrongful Death

There’s nothing like the pain of losing a loved one… especially when it’s a result of someone’s wrongful act, carelessness or negligence. It’s important that the person or company responsible for the death be held accountable. It’s also important for grieving families to understand that they can do something when a tragic and wrongful death happens.

Sadly, insurance companies may try to settle a case very quickly after a loved one’s death… sometimes while the family is still in shock or during the grieving process. Unfortunately, offers to settle under such extreme circumstances are often far below what the loss really means to a family.

Parks & Crump has represented many families in wrongful death cases. Some of our previous cases are considered high profile cases because of the nature of the death or complex issues involved. Regardless, we have delivered landmark results. We try our best to give victims and their families comfort and wise counsel as well as compassion and hope. We stand up to the opposition and road blocks to hopefully bring peace and justice to our clients.