Community Committment

The core mission of Parks & Crump Law Firm is to help people. That is simply what we do and why we take on some of the most difficult cases. That’s also why the firm and its two founders, Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump have dedicated so much of their personal time and energy to community service. In the Tallahassee area, their names are intertwined with both high profile cases and tremendous work for local charities.

The two were named co-recipients of the prestigious “Philanthropist of the Year” Award in November 2008. This award is generally awarded to one individual in the Big Bend area who has done the most to help others – particularly those in need. However, because both Mr. Parks and Mr. Crump have dedicated so much of their time and money to so many causes individually and as a law firm, it was fitting that they both win the award.

Daryl Parks serves as the Chairman of the Board for the local Boys and Girls Clubs, the Vice-Chair of the Florida A&M University Board of Trustees and the Vice President of the National Bar Association.

While Benjamin Crump serves as the Chairman for the Legal Services of North Florida’s Capital Campaign, board member for the Boys Choir of Tallahassee, president of the FSU Black Alumni Association and president-elect of the FSU Law School Alumni Association.